Caring for Your Extensions

Below are some hints and tips on how to keep your extensions looking fabulous! Making sure that from them being initially applied to the refit – looking shiny and glorious! Any questions, please contact us and we will be more than happy to help!

General aftercare

Your hair extensions are designed for 8-12 weeks continuous wear.

At this stage they should either be refitted or removed by the technician who fitted them. 

Your newly fitted extensions should not be washed for at least 24hours to allow the bonds to fully harden and settle.

When sleeping you should always wear your hair in a loose plait or clip.

Never go to bed with damp or wet hair.

Please be aware that your hair extensions will shed over time. For the first 3 weeks it may seem like they are shedding a lot. This is completely normal and is due to the custom making process.

Extra rows can be added at the next refit.

Washing your hair

When washing your hair make sure you use a and low sulphate and silicone free shampoo.

We sell our own products which are designed especially for our hair extensions and recommended them to be used. Alternatives can be used at your own risk.

Wash hair as normal, being aware of the bonds and rinse thoroughly at the root to avoid product build up.

Conditioner should only be applied on mid-lengths to ends never near the bonds.

Never wash your hair over the bath or sink; head back in the shower is ideal.

Purple shampoo should be used twice monthly; overusing this can cause shedding, discolouration and loss of extensions.

Discolouration can happen when abroad. A mix of hard water, sun cream and chlorine can cause a mineral build up and cause this to happen.

Dark hair over time can fade due to everyday wear, sun and hard water.

Brushing your hair

Only use a soft bristle brush to brush your hair. (Denman tangle tamer).

Ensure you support your bonds by using a flat palm against the scalp whilst brushing.

Ensure you separate your bonds daily (your technician will give you a demonstration).

Drying your hair

Do not towel dry with a rubbing action, pat the hair dry only. 

Apply a heat protective spray before styling and dry the bonds on a medium/ cool setting.

Never leave bonds to dry naturally. This may cause your hair to shed, or hair extensions may be lost.

Style the hair extensions as you would your own hair such as curling and straightening but avoid any excessive pulling.

Lifestyle tips

In intense sunlight or on sun beds, wrap hair in a towel to protect both the hair and bonds.

If you swim – wash hair straight after to remove all traces of chlorine.

Try to avoid submerging your hair in swimming pools or sea water if possible, if direct contact occurs wash straight after.

If you have a very active life style e.g. exercise or such as horse riding – tie hair back for activities and wash well after.

Use dry shampoo if required in-between washes but do not spray directly onto the bonds.

Hair extensions can slide away from the hair, if this happens keep them safe in the bag provided after your fitting.

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