General aftercare

Your Rose Elle Hair extensions are designed and fitted so they are meant for 2-3 months of continuous wear. At this time, they should either be refitted or removed.

Once fitted your new extensions should not be washed for 24 hours to allow the bonds to fully harden and settle.

When sleeping you should wear your hair in a loose plait.

Also, please never go to bed with damp hair!

How do I wash my hair with my extensions?

When washing your hair make sure you use a silicone and sulphate free shampoo which is suitable for your extensions.

Do not scrub your hair, smooth the shampoo down the length of the hair extension.

Conditioner should only be applied from the mid-length to the ends and never near the bonds.

Never wash your hair over the bath or sink; head back in the shower is ideal.

Do not rub your hair when towel drying, not only does it damage your natural hair, your extensions won’t be happy either! Pat dry – be gentle!

How do I dry my hair with my extensions?

Apply a heat-protective spray before styling – and dry the bonds on a cool to medium setting.

Never leave your extensions to dry naturally.

Style your hair extensions as you would your own natural hair which includes straightening and curling but please be careful to not excessively pull the hair.

Tips to keep my Rose Elle extensions tip top

In intense sunlight or on a sunbed wrap hair in a towel to protect the hair and the bonds.

If you swim please make sure that you wash your hair straight afterwards to remove all traces of chlorine.

Try to avoid submerging your hair in swimming pools or sea water if possible, if direct contact occurs wash straight after.

If you have a very active lifestyle e.g. exercise or horse riding, please make sure that you tie hair back for activities and then wash well after.

Use dry shampoo if required in-between washes but do not spray directly onto the bonds.


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