Custom Made Russian Hair Extensions by RoseEllé 

The RoseEllé Hair Extension application technique is free from harsh glues, heat and sewing. The method we use encourages hair growth and will not damage the condition of your natural hair. At RoseEllé we only use the micro ring method and we apply each hair extension weight for weight. This means that each extension we apply will be supported by an equal amount of your own hair. RoseEllé is unique to other mobile hair extension services in that we custom make each set of hair extensions for our clients, creating a perfect colour match which we achieve by hand mixing different tones to seamlessly blend with your own hair. Our service also includes a cut and finish.

We choose to only use Russian Remy hair for each of our clients, we believe it is the finest quality hair on the market, our hair is not factory made or coated with silicone as this can give an unnatural result. Russian hair is strong, long-lasting and is suited to different hair types.

Remy hair is considered to be the finest quality of human hair because the cuticles are kept intact and not stripped.

The Russian hair we use is re-usable and can on average last between 9-12 months if aftercare is followed correctly.

Three blonde bundles of hair
View of the ocean with a RoseEllé product in the foreground
Bundle of brown hair with tips

Micro Ring Extensions by RoseEllé 

The micro ring is a strand by strand method consisting of attaching extensions to your hair using tiny copper rings. The method uses no glue, heat, sewing or braiding of the hair and has the easiest removal method. Many people have a misconception that micro rings are heavy, bulky and slide away from the hair easily. RoseEllé use rings half the size of an average lock, which does not contain silicone which means they are comfortable, discreet and secure.

Shampoo and conditioner with pink petals
Blonde through to dark brown bundles of hair
Blonde through to dark brown bundles of hair
Selection of coloured hair in a heart shape
Bundle of hair with RoseEllé backdrop

What our clients say 


LOVE these girls and love their work. Perfect and flawless colour match every time resulting in a totally natural look.” 

Jeni Hall


“Extensions are amazing quality and last for ages. Wouldn’t change them for anything, definitely recommend Alison and Sammi!” 

Maria Neophetou


“The girls are lovely, my extensions are so comfy, blended perfectly. I will be recommending you to my friends and clients.”

Lucy Victoria Shellham

RoseEllé News 

We are very proud, thrilled and excited to be nominated for a second (yes… second!) year in a row for the Hair Extension Specialist’ category at ‘The English Hair and Beauty Awards 2020 – Chapter 3‘. The pictures to the right are of us last year and soon will be getting ready for this year’s awards, so please keep your fingers crossed for us this year! Thank you for all your support! For more information you the link for the site is: Finalists for English Hair & Beauty Awards 2020 – Chapter 3 

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