Rose Elle Hair was born out of a love of luxury hair and styling

Celebrating 15 years of friendship, and 8 years as business partners, Sammi and Alison have worked tirelessly to create a business with an ethos centred around the needs of their clients. It’s these client relationships that truly set Rose Elle Hair apart from their competitors.

Fed up with bad colour matching and hair quality, poor application, and unpleasant customer service, the girls took it upon themselves to create a business that would prevent others sharing their bad experiences.

With a vision of creating a trusted and luxury mobile hair extension business; both Sammi and Alison wanted to give their clients the hair they’ve always dreamed of having whilst in the comfort of their home surroundings.

Their backgrounds in hairdressing, colour and styling have enabled Rose Elle Hair to develop a business model with celebrated success. The marriage of their individual hair knowledge, deep understanding of colour matching, and personalities ensure lasting client relationships are formed.

Russian Hair Extensions Custom Made by Rose Elle

The Rose Elle Hair Extension application technique is free from harsh glues, heat and sewing. The method we use encourages hair growth and will not damage the condition of your natural hair. At Rose Elle, we only use the micro ring method and we apply each hair extension weight for weight. This means that each extension we apply will be supported by an equal amount of your own hair. Rose Elle is unique to other mobile hair extension services in that we custom make each set of hair extensions for our clients, creating a perfect colour match which we achieve by hand mixing different tones to seamlessly blend with your own hair. Our service also includes a cut and finish.

We choose to only use Russian Remy hair for each of our clients, we believe it is the finest quality hair on the market, our hair is not factory-made or coated with silicone as this can give an unnatural result. Russian hair is strong, long-lasting and is suited to different hair types.

Remy hair is considered to be the finest quality of human hair because the cuticles are kept intact and not stripped. The Russian hair we use is re-usable and can on average last between 9-12 months if aftercare is followed correctly.

Micro Ring Extensions
by Rose Elle

The micro ring is a strand by strand method consisting of attaching extensions to your hair using tiny copper rings. Many people have a misconception that micro rings are heavy, bulky and slide away from the hair easily. Rose Elle use rings half the size of an average lock, which does not contain silicone which means they are comfortable, discreet and secure.

What our clients say

I’m so glad I found Rose Elle hair! I have had hair a The girls make you feel so comfortable and looked after and I love that they come to you! I’d 100% recommend Rose Elle hair!
Natasha Allen
Amazing hair! Sammi and Alison are both so lovely and helpful! I have nothing but good things to say about them and the service they provide. In love with my hair, it is the perfect colour match and such great quality, I would 100% recommend to anyone who is looking at getting hair extensions.
Sofie Ferguson
Literally a life changing experience for me! I've always lived with super fine hair and often found it hard to style my hair to make it appear thicker/look nicer. Since having my bespoke hair extensions I have felt much more confident and been able to style my hair with waves to make it appear a lot thicker. The girls took note of my super thin roots and ensured that they used the smallest bonds to ensure no damage was caused to my natural hair. The blending of colours they used is super natural and they have been able to achieve a lighter blonde on my hair without having to use dye or bleach - meaning no damage. Couldn't recommend these girls enough, super friendly, very professional and amazing results! Thank you girls
Ellie Haran
I’ve been seeing the girls for 2 years now and honestly can’t recommend them enough! My hair never ever use to grow but I was so shocked when they took my extensions out recently for a refit to see how long my hair was!!! And so healthy. For those worried that extensions damage your hair then rest assured I can tell you first hand, these don’t! So happy with my hair!
Chloe Ludmilla Jeffrey
I have never had hair extensions before but I can honestly say that these are the most natural-looking extensions I’ve ever seen (I’m a hairdresser and have lots of clients with extensions) Their attention to detail and methodical approach to their application was extremely impressive. Their colour matching is flawless, but more than anything the Rose Elle girls are so charming and engaging, they’re a pleasure to have do your hair. 10/10 service and experience. Thank you so much I have my dream wedding hair thanks to you both.
Emi Jean McKenna
I love my hair girls!!! The best hair I’ve ever had! 4 years ago I tried the technique and hair and have never ever gone anywhere else! The service and everything is just 5 star and amazing and I trust them with my hair and life haha! Thank you for making me feel fabulous all the time xxxxx
Abigail Clarke
I really couldn't recommend these girls enough. I have been using them for my hair extensions for OVER 3 years now and not once have I been disappointed. From the first consultation they make you feel at ease with any questions or worries you may have and it's definitely one of the best things I've had done. The quality of the hair is AMAZING and not to mention how well they match the hair to your natural colour. Such a friendly, enjoyable event every time! Thanks girls!!
Laura Curson
Phenomenal workers, reliable and always put a smile on my face. These girls work wonders and I could not be happier with the job they do on my hair, I could not live without them! I have been having them done for the last 2 years and the quality and the way they put them in my hair is brilliant. Thank you Sammi and Alison.
Debbie Jung
I've been going to Sammi and Alison for 4 years now and couldn't be happier, the hair is applied and fitted immaculately like no other. They always accommodate all of my hair emergencies, and colour changes and always blend perfectly! will definitely recommend to everyone!
Norma Houssein
Rose Elle Bespoke Hair Extensions was born out of a love of luxury hair and styling.
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